Working on the speech and improving my essay about Skinner (vol 3.)

I’ve been holidaying in Palma de Mallorca (image of a tram in Port de Soller!) for a week. After returning it took me a while to get myself back to being an organised student at home. Now I’m finally continuing work on improving the essay I have to write on Skinner.

PS: I have not made a trip to the library to find “more academic sources”, like I should have, according to the peer review feedback. I added the academic source Approaches to Learning: A guide for teachers that was used for my teacher studies, where I learnt about Skinner the first time.


I’m learning more about the “fellow” so I can prepare the 5 min. speech we also have to give next week. I vaguely remember I need to provide some sort of a plan for the speech by Wednesday…


Operant conditioning theory and behaviourism again

In our Academic Writing course we have to start writing on an academic essay.  It’s already some time since I wrote these kinds of things. I didn’t get to pick the subject which makes it harder, I will be writing about B. F. Skinner.

Skinner’s behaviourism and operant conditioning theory are luckily something I find interesting and there are many options for different angles one could write about.

Research says that operant conditioning theory applies to issues like class and student management and it is said to be useful in shaping skill performance, so I think I’m going to argue that it can very well be used when creating learning environments and learning experiences, digital or not. It’s a tough topic for me, because I am not all that familiar with Skinner’s work, even though I had learned the basics of his theories before during my educational science studies last year.

Since the essay is supposed to have only 800-1000 words, it really needs to be well structured and I guess that is one my weakest points. Hopefully I can develop my skills in structuring an essay this spring.  It’s easy for me to write down words, writing down everything I know. It’s harder to get a hold of the structure, to make it right. Also presenting an argument is something that feels hard.

Can I maybe use Skinner’s theories to create better learning habits for myself on the way? Cut my writing sessions into shorter chunks? Award myself with a cup of coffee when I feel I have learned something new about how to structure my argument? Should I scold myself if I go for a walk with the dog instead of reading about the topic I’m supposed to write about?

– Maybe just take the dog for a walk and think about this.