Visitors and views

With my other blog Learning to teach I learned from the blog statistics that my blog had visitors and views from almost all over the world, even if I didn’t really promote the blog.

As a former localisation specialist and localiser it feels awesome to see how many countries my Learning to teach -blog reached, even if it wasn’t localised. That blog was something I did in 2015-2016. Learning to teach is apparently something of interest all over the world.

Visits on this blog

As I started English Philology studies in January 2017, with the goal to obtain a Finnish teaching qualification in English language at some point in the future, I wanted to continue the good habit of reflecting on my studies and learning in the form of writing a blog.

I haven’t promoted this blog much either, but it’s interesting to see the statistics on visitors and views. I have no idea who is stopping by and why. Apart from the few given likes, I can see that there are views from western countries mainly. It’s a bit different compared to my Learning to teach -blog. I wonder why?

Comments anyone?

I’m looking forward to hearing comments from other, hard working students in the same discipline: Do you have a lot of contact studies? do you prefer self studies in the form of papers to read and write? Are you studying to become second language teachers or for some other reason?


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