Studies in history, meeting the group and planning writing tasks

Last week I wrote a whole bunch of essays for the North American and British studies. We had a couple of books as readings for the course and even if the due date isn’t quite yet, I started reading and writing so I can make several versions and improve them little by little.

I chose to study and write about British monarchy, politics, government and the media as well as international relations. For American civilisation I chose the topics of foreign politics, media and people and settlement.

It was really interesting to study topics from a history point of view, because it’s so important to understand the past to be able to understand the events that led us to where the world is today.

I think we need to constantly address the freedom of the press in modern democracies. With the rapid development of technology used for spreading news, as well as spreading of propaganda the freedoms we have are becoming much harder to control. Who should be allowed to control the “freedom” anyways? Should we take for granted there needs to be some level of control? Who should determine the methods for control? What if there is no control, what are the dangers we face then?

I see now how the ideas of “American exceptionalism”  have had real and historical effect on the US foreign policy during the past and how it’s foreign policy has been distinct from that of other nations. I also see what a big impact the old British Empire has had on the world and still has (even though the Brits decided to vote for a Brexit).

At the end of last week we finally got to meet our study groups at the university for a a day and half. Always nice to see people’s faces! We dug into grammar, theory of academic writing and literature. I’m planning my first academic writing task for the academic writing course. The topic I got was to find an interesting angle related to B.F. Skinner, the behaviourist and psychologist. Luckily I already know something about him and his theories but there’s more work to do in finding the right angle I will use in my essay.


P.S. To understand how history and the world today link together you could watch Planet Oil combined with listening to Senator Bernie Sanders speaking during the election campaign  in 2016. Planet Oil, is a history documentary in three series, going to the roots of British and American Civilization today.

Bernie Sanders talking about the “Regime change” foreign policy of the US in the pres. election in 2016.

What would you argue are the unintended consequences of regime change policies that Sanders could be referring to on the video?


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