Learning to teach… English Philology

Yes! I’m starting to learn to teach English! I got my teacher qualifications from my vocational teacher education studies @edulab, the educational product design and teacher studies @OAMK last fall. When my studies were done I stopped blogging on  https://elearningtoteach.wordpress.com/ and  wrote the last portfolio essay that was required from me there.

Since I like blogging I decided to continue. So I welcome you to read my blog about my studies in the field of English Philology. English Philology studies are the studies that are required from someone who wants to teach English – at least in Finland.

And yes, I want to learn how to teach English. I also want to teach it at some point in my life. I already have the official qualifications for teaching Swedish, so I think teaching English would be a nice addition to that. Most language teachers are qualified in teaching more than one language and English is the language almost everyone in Finland learns as their first foreign language.

How English became English

If you’re interested in the field of English Philology or how it is being taught on a university level in Finland, this is a chance for you to find out about these studies. I will blog about what the studies are like and how it’s like to learn to teach English through my eyes.

Hope to see you around here once in a while, feel free to drop me a line or comment the blog.


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  1. My friend Marko pointed out that Filology is spelled Philology in English – which is of course correct. It’s my “Swenglish” controlling me! I have to say that the wordpress-url englishphilology.wordpress.com was already taken, so I decided to take this instead.


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